Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sailor Moon

This is Joe Cracker, I'd have to say for many japanise anime that where released in the US. Sailor Moon stands alone for it's effort of being one of it's elements of an all female force, dealing with beings from other planets without any Sci-Fi elements that deal with the subject matter. I do believe that Sailor Moon still has a future as long as their is a loyal fan base around the world.

Each generation transcends the other , the stuff in the past such as movies and shows might seem like a bunch of crap to this generation does not mean a damn thing to what it did in the time it was created. This so called overrated crap was actually an inspiration and something new for the time. You just sorta have to get passed the cheesy parts and love it for what it is and what it did to influence the time and how it helped develop the stuff that was created in this generation.

The fact that sailor moon is an award winning classic doest say much icecreamyaa. Since the 80's, there is a bunch of overrated crap that has won such titles, and not only in the anime world, its like saying titanic is a better movie than pulp fiction because titanic won 10 more academy awards than pulp fiction...which is a lot of (...), well i dont want to use ugly words, man, if you liked it , great, all im saying is that there are plenty better anime series than sailor moon, a lot.

Very smooth song!!!

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